Energy workers of the Kharkiv region received 162 tons of equipment: photos

The Ministry of Energy of Ukraine reported that the Kharkiv region’s energy workers received more than 162 tons of equipment for the restoration of damaged energy infrastructure on February 20, 2023.

Source: The Ministry of Energy of Ukraine

The Minister of Energy of Ukraine Herman Halushchenko handed over another load of equipment weighing more than 15 tons for the needs of energy workers on February 20, 2023, during a working trip to the Kharkiv region. In total, under the coordination of the Ministry of Energy, more than 162 tons of equipment provided by international partners were handed over to the Kharkiv region’s power plants.

“Energy facilities in the border Kharkiv region are constantly under fire from Russian troops. The energy companies of the region are doing everything in their power to restore the electricity supply to consumers as soon as possible. The transferred equipment will strengthen our energy front in the Kharkiv region and will help more quickly return light and heat to the homes of our citizens,” said the Minister of Energy of Ukraine.

Herman Halushchenko specified that the humanitarian cargo, which was handed over to the Kharkiv region’s power industry, includes generators, transformers, support insulators and other equipment.

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