Canada will provide Ukraine with a loan of almost $2B

The Government of Canada informed on March 29, 2023, that this year, Canada will provide Ukraine with 2.4 billion Canadian dollars (about 1.9 billion US dollars) in loans.

Source: The Government of Canada

“Budget 2023 provides Ukraine with an additional loan of $2.4 billion for 2023, which will be provided via the IMF Administered Account for Ukraine,” reported the Government of Canada.

In general, since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion, Canada has provided Ukraine with various assistance in the amount of more than 4 billion US dollars.

“Canada’s military contributions to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine include: more than $1 billion committed in military aid and equipment donations, including for armoured vehicles; a National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System; 39 armoured combat support vehicles; four M777 howitzers; anti-tank weapons and small arms,” added the Government of Canada.

Canada will also continue the Canadian Armed Forces’ Operation UNIFIER, which has trained more than 35,000 members of the Ukrainian army since 2015.

“Budget 2023 proposes to provide $200 million in 2022-23 to the Department of National Defence for donations of existing Canadian Armed Forces military equipment to Ukraine, including eight previously announced Leopard 2 main battle tanks,” informed the Government of Canada.

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