Belgium has frozen €58B in Russian assets

The Minister of Finance of Belgium Vincent Van Peteghem noted on February 24, 2023, that Belgium has frozen the highest amount of Russian assets among all EU countries – 58 billion euros.

Source: The Minister of Finance of Belgium Vincent Van Peteghem

“For example, the Treasury has frozen 58 billion euros in Russian assets. That is the highest amount of all European member states. In addition, 191 billion euros in Russian financial transactions were also blocked. In total, these measures affect 1,789 Russian companies or citizens who are on the blacklist,” informed the Minister of Finance of Belgium.

It is noted that the customs authorities strictly control imports and exports to Russia and Belarus.

“For example, a total of 91,020 declarations have already been checked with regard to Russia and Belarus. 7,925 containers were also physically checked. Inspections were also carried out by customs during transhipment. Additional information was requested about 28,890 containers. Currently, 529 containers are blocked pending more information, of which 517 in Antwerp and 12 in Zeebrugge,” added the Minister of Finance of Belgium.

In addition, Vincent Van Peteghem actively advocates close coordination within the EU regarding the application of sanctions against Russia.

“Ukraine and our European partners can continue to count on the strict implementation and application of these sanctions by Belgium,” concluded Vincent Van Peteghem.

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