Belgium approved the largest military aid package for Ukraine in the amount of €92M

The Prime Minister of Belgium Alexander De Croo confirmed on January 27, 2023, the allocation of the largest military aid package for Ukraine in the amount of 92 million euros. Also, Belgium will send 69 million euros of humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

Source: The Prime Minister of Belgium Alexander De Croo

“It is the largest military package of aid that our country has decided so far, as it is being combined with the previous €146 million aid package that includes fuel and ammunition, but also anti-tank guns and machine guns,” said the Prime Minister Alexander De Croo.

Belgium is expected to provide Ukraine with: AMRAAM missiles; light anti-tank weapons; anti-tank grenades and guns; Minimi machine guns; automatic rifles of the Scar type, vehicles, including light armored vehicles, and fuel.

“Ukraine must be able to defend itself against the brutal Russian aggression. That is why Belgium is strengthening its military support to Ukraine, with the largest aid package to date. Ukraine will win this war. Our security and our values are also at stake,” added Alexander De Croo on Twitter.

In addition, Alexander De Croo noted that Russian assets worth 58 billion euros had already been frozen in Belgium.

The Ukrainian President thanked the Belgium Prime Minister for this military aid.

“Grateful to Alexander De Croo for the decision of the Belgium Government to greatly increase defense support for Ukraine. A new €92 mln aid package will strengthen our air defense, help deter enemy tanks & improve the mobility of our defenders to liberate the Ukrainian land. Thank you, friends!” Tweeted Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

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