A 96-year-old ex-prisoner of Nazi concentration camps burned alive in his flat during Russian shelling

New details of the death of 96-year-old Borys Romanchenko, a Nazi concentration camp prisoner, have become known.

Source: Nexta Live

The man was viciously killed on March 21 by Nazi followers Russian occupiers, who launched a rocket into a high-rise building where Romanchenko lived in Kharkiv.

Borys Romanchenko was tortured in four Nazi concentration camps, including Buchenwald.

The next day after the tragedy, Kharkiv public workers were finally able to reach the floor where Borys Romanchenko’s apartment was located. The entire floor of the nine-story building burned to the ground.

On the second attempt, communal workers together with the neighbor of the deceased found his remains.

The bones all that was left of the man to whose hometown came “Russian peace”.

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