Terrorists killed more then 10 civilians near Volnovakha

As the result of shelling by terrorists the territory near Volnovakha in Dokuchaevsk’s side were killed ten civilians and injured another 13 are in serious condition.

As in the case of Malaysian “Boeing” official channels of terrorist groups “DNR” and “Novorosiya” at first reported “success” of their shelling of Ukrainian army and then when were reported the victims among innocent civilians- disowned from them.

(in this infographic were used materials from  Slovo i Dilo )


Social network users fixed the initial message supporters of terrorists






Translation: “Operational information13.01.2015, 16.53. Volnovaha : destroyed Ukrainian checkpoint at the exit from Volnovakha to Donetsk”

Video from the bus after fire

Attention! This video may be inappropriate for some persons. In any case, it is highly not recommended to persons of legal age in 18 years!

In Ukrainian social networks started a flash mob in memory of the today victims among civilians at Volnovakha “I am Volnovaha”/”Je suis Volnovaha”  in unison with the movement of the French “Je suis Charlie”.

Ukrainian outraged condescending attitude of the European Union, in particular the OSCE to terrorist groups in Eastern Ukraine.


See also: Russian “Grad” shot at civilians in Volnovaha. Video from security camera

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