Speech of U.S. Vice President Joe Biden in Ukraine’s parliament in Kyiv

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden has called on the Ukrainian lawmakers and members of the Government not to miss the chance to build the better future for Ukraine.

“If you succeed, you will be the founders of the first democratic and free Ukraine,” Biden said and reminded that “the whole world is watching the struggle of Ukraine against aggression and corruption.”

Joe Biden said this while delivering the speech at the Parliament of Ukraine.

“The budget of Ukraine should comply with your commitments to the IMF,” Biden said.

The U.S. is certain that the best way to end the conflict in Donbas is the diplomatic methods set out in the Minsk agreements, but both sides must honor their obligations, Biden said at a briefing held jointly with Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko in Kyiv.

“The Minsk agreements will not be successful unless Russia honors its obligations and its President Putin delivers on his promises he gave repeatedly to President Obama, Ukraine and international community.

Moscow must fully implement the Minsk agreements and work constructively with Ukraine in order to create conditions for free, fair and safe local elections in Donbas,” Biden said

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