Consolidated data of the information and analytical centre of the NSDC of Ukraine. 22.08.14


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Today at 11:10, 34 trucks from the Russian humanitarian convoy headed autonomously toward Ukraine through the checkpoint “Izvaryne” that is temporarily under the control of terrorists.

They are moving without support and participation of the International Committee of the Red Cross and in violation of earlier agreements reached between Ukraine and Russia about examination and execution of Russian humanitarian cargo.

Responded to the situation, the Ukrainian side proposed to hold negotiations between the General Staffs of Armed Forces authorities of Ukraine and Russia. However, they failed because of the refusal of the Russian side.

We emphasize that the responsibility for the safe movement of the Russian columns across the territory that is currently not controlled by Ukrainian forces, is exceptionally on the Russian Federation.

As it just turned out, a movement in the direction of Ukrainian border started 90 trucks, to which were not allowed by Russian side Ukrainian border guards and customs officials or representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Ukrainian side has fulfilled all its obligations regarding readiness and execution of Russian humanitarian cargo in full cooperation with the International Committee of the Red Cross.

In context of this occasion the MFA of Ukraine is preparing appropriate statement on breach of the agreements.
Military operations in the zone of conflict

Active offensive of the ATO forces continues in Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Fighting for liberation from the militants of Donetsk, Luhansk, Іlovaisk, Yasynuvata, Shakhtarsk, Тorez, Snizhne, Zugres, Gorlivka, Krasnyi Luch, Stanichno-Luhanske is underway and results in significant losses among terrorists.

Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed eleven BM-21 “Grad” multiple launch rocket systems, three tanks and five APCs of the terrorists yesterday nearby Snizhne. According to preliminary assessments, the Russian mercenaries lost more than 100 fighters. According to radio interception data, the terrorists, which suffered many losses, are seized by panic. Ukrainian military continue operations in Illyria, Malomykolayivka, Іlovaisk, Stanichno-Luhanske and Uspenka. The Ukrainian forces also fight to defend liberated settlements of Novosvitlivka, Hryashchuvate and Savur-Mohyla mound.

The ATO forces are narrowing the ring around terrorists nearby Smila of the Luhansk region, the Ukrainian National Guard moved forward, capturing one of the roadblocks of the terrorists.

The ATO forces entered 22 times into fire contact with terrorists in the areas of Mar’yinka, Krasnohirka, Zhdanivka, Kuteinikove, Fashchivka, Horodyshche, Novohannivka, Verhnotoretske, Andriyivka, Kruglyk, Stanichno-Luhanske, Il’yinka, Zemlyane, Berezove during the day.

Terrorists shot down MI-24 helicopter near the village Heorhiyivka of Lutuhinsk district in Luhansk region during its combat mission on August 20. Crew members – 2 pilots – were killed.

Russia continues to bombard positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. During the day there were conducted 10 attacks from the territory of Russian Federation. In particular, yesterday Russians fired stronghold of ATO forces in the village Kuteinikove (Amvrosiivka district, Donetsk region) from multi-launcher reactive system “Uragan”.

The positions of the State Border Service were fired twice throughout the day from Russia. From 19:15 till 19:45 were conducted 70 mortar rounds on the position of Border Service Department “Stanichno-Lugansk» (Lugansk detachment). The bombardment was carried out from the Russian village Manotskiy towards Kolesnykivka (Ukraine). From 20:05 to 20:20 in most of these positions have been made 56 mortar rounds.

Russia actively continues aerial reconnaissance using drones in Luhansk and Azov Sea. Drones were seen near the village of Krasna Talivka (Luhansk region), near settlements Holodne and Sedove (Donetsk region).

Despite the fact that the Ukrainian guards informed their colleagues about the closure of the checkpoint “Marinivka” Russians continue to use it, passing mercenaries and weapons.
The situation in the conflict zone localities

During the day the terrorists do not stop shelling of Leninsky, Kievsky, Voroshylivskiy and Kuibyshevsky residential areas of Donetsk.

Also, militants fired Lugansk using artillery and armored vehicles which are situated in the village of Heorhiyivka (Lutugino district) and also Krasnodon is under fire from its suburbs (military hardware comes from Sukhodolsk).

Militants continue to destroy the entire infrastructure of the region. Yesterday, terrorists fired the dangerous explosively coal-mine “Komsomolets”.

Robberies of businessman and ordinary citizens are ongoing. In addition, terrorists require from the employees of Donetsk Art Museum (threatening by death) to give them all artistic values. Meanwhile, militants bombed the building of Donetsk local history museum. Only 3 of 29 Museum’s halls stayed undamaged. The biggest demolitions are in archaeological collection.

According to available data, guerillas, feeling lack of manpower, seized the Donetsk prison and put forward an ultimatum to employees to accept the oath of allegiance to the so-called “DNR” or write a report for release till 22.08.2014. In addition, the militants threatened to execute condemned to life imprisonment and the rest – to mobilize into gangs. However, prisoners refused to join the of terrorists and remain in jail.

Recently terrorists have resorted to provocation, getting in private homes of civilians in the ATO area under the guise of military personnel of the Armed Forces. They rob or steal cars threatening physical harm.
International support for Ukraine

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko made ​​adjustments in the third wave of mobilization with the aim of improvement of Началоформы

military specialists professional level. This will allow to rotate military units located in the area of ​​counter-terrorism operations. In the near future they would be reinforced by three teams, two of which are from Armed Forces of Ukraine, one – the National Guard.

The President Poroshenko intends to negotiate a peace at a meeting in Minsk, because “the whole world is tired of war.

On August 26 the President and 3 representatives of the EU are going to hold peace talks in Minsk. The President stated that at the meeting Ukraine will “urge to take the combatants away from Ukraine.” “We are able protect sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity. Today we are fighting for the independence of Ukraine. And we will definitely win”- he said.

The Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk helds a meeting with the US Senator William Nelson.

The head of the Ukrainian Government Prime welcomed the initiatives of American lawmakers aimed at enhancing the military-technical cooperation with Ukraine and praised the principled standpoint of the American administration on the issue of defense of Ukraine’s independence and democratic elections in our country, as well as on supporting the Ukrainian people in the fight against Russian-controlled terrorists.

U.S. Department’s Coordinator for Sanctions Policy Daniel Fried has informed about consultations, held by Washington with China, Switzerland, Norway, Republic of Korea and Singapore in order to support the sanctions against Russia in connection with the situation in Ukraine.

The Vice-chairman of the European Parliament Ryshard Charnetsky has proposed to exclude the Russian ruble from the international financial turnover to influence the economy of the Russian Federation in connection with the situation in Ukraine.

MEP Jaromir Shtetyna has recently returned from Donbass. He stated that the conflict in the East of Ukraine is not ethnic, and that the events in Donetsk region are not a civil war, no matter what the Moscow propaganda is trying to prove.

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