Press about Ukraine in Europe. SEP 17, 2015

Global Voices (The Netherlands) : Truth Is Not a Crime: Ukraine Honors Fallen Journalist Gongadze

Express (The United Kingdom) : Ukraine bans BBC journalists from entering country amidst ‘security threat’

České Noviny (Czech Republic) : Czech consular offices in Ukraine flooded by repatriation seekers

Balkan Insight (EU) : Refugees Refuse to Leave Croatian Asylum Centre

Reuters (The United Kingdom) : Ukraine backtracks on some media sanctions

BBC (The United Kingdom) : Ukraine takes BBC staff off banned list

The Local (Italy) : Ukraine bans Berlusconi over Crimea visit

Radio France internationale (France) : FRANCE – RUSSIA: French National Assembly backs Russian Mistral sale cancellation

Financial Times (The United Kingdom) : Ukraine approves debt restructuring deal

The Week (The United Kingdom) : Thursday September 17

Daily Mail (The United Kingdom) : Ukraine bans 3 BBC journalists from the country claiming they pose a ‘security threat’

The Guardian (The United Kingdom) : Ukraine allows BBC journalists to remain

The Telegraph (The United Kingdom) : Ukraine bans dozens of foreign journalists as ‘threats to national security’

ERR (Estonia) : Ukrainian sanctions include two Estonian journalists

The Baltic Course (Latvia) : Ukraine introduces new sanctions against Russia; 4 persons from Latvia also included

LSM.LV (Latvia) : One journalist, three pen names banned from Ukraine

Novinite (Bulgaria) : Ukraine Blacklists 2 Bulgarians over National Security Concerns

Reuters (The United Kingdom) : Kremlin says inclusion of media in Ukraine sanctions ‘totally unacceptable’

Charter97 (Belarus) : Poroshenko enacts anti-Russian sanctions

The Week (The United Kingdom) : Sir Elton John ‘pranked’ with hoax Vladimir Putin call

B92 (Serbia) : Ukraine bans 41 international journalists and bloggers

Charter97 (Belarus) : Ukraine names individuals, companies on its sanctions list

České Noviny (Czech Republic) : Ukrainian refugees should be among voluntarily accepted – Zeman

Baltic News Network (Austria-Latvia) : Ukraine introduces economic sanctions against Russia

EUobserver (EU) : [Ticker] Ukraine bans two BBC journalists

Reuters (The United Kingdom) : Russia to analyze possible consequences of new Ukraine sanctions: RIA cites deputy PM

European Voice (EU) : Rivals pummel Trump on foreign policy

European Voice (EU) : EU splits in Russian media war

Deutsche Welle (Germany) : Ukraine expands sanctions on Russia

BBC (The United Kingdom) : Ukraine condemns rebel election move

The Guardian (The United Kingdom) : Ukraine bans journalists who ‘threaten national interests’ from country

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