Press about Ukraine in Europe. MAY 27, 2015

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European Voice (EU) : Biden slams Putin in Brookings speech

European Voice (EU) : Seven take-aways from the FIFA arrests

BelTA (Belarus) : Agreement on visit of Latvian MPs to Belarus

European Voice (EU) : Russia and Qatar: losers in the FIFA scandal

The Guardian (The United Kingdom) : The world is plagued by fire and blood – Britain must not look the other way | Daniel Kawczynski

European Voice (EU) : Five subplots in the EU budget

Financial Times (The United Kingdom) : Ukraine takes ‘odious’ path to default

Novinite (Bulgaria) : Russian Official Declares Mistral Deal Dead

Novinite (Bulgaria) : NATO Chief Urges Russia to Avoid Snap Military Drills

BelTA (Belarus) : Belarus calls for restoring peace, stability in Ukraine’s east

The Guardian (The United Kingdom) : Europa League final: everything you need to know about Dnipro – video

InSerbia (Serbia) : Kiev forces shell DPR 25 times over past 24 hours, five persons killed

BelTA (Belarus) : Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova announce contest for joint research awards

European Voice (EU) : How Adolf Hitler Haunts Angela Merkel

Reuters (The United Kingdom) : One Ukrainian serviceman killed in eastern Ukraine: Kiev military

Novinite (Bulgaria) : Bulgaria Ranked 55th Out of 61 Competitive Economies

Novinite (Bulgaria) : Bulgarians Made More Business, Holiday Trips Abroad in April

BelTA (Belarus) : Vitebsk to host international symposium on advanced materials

The Baltic Course (Latvia) : Regional security – common interest of Lithuania and U.S.

Express (The United Kingdom) : Now MH17 locals claim UKRAINE shot down doomed jet – but they WON’T hand over evidence

Daily Mail (The United Kingdom) : Now convoy of Russian tanks arrive by rail at border with Ukraine days after military trucks and rocket launchers were spotted rolling through town 

Global Voices (The Netherlands) : Ukrainian and Russian Users Petition Facebook to ‘Stop Political Blocking’

BBC (The United Kingdom) : VIDEO: Where war still rages in eastern Ukraine

Euronews (France) : Russian ruble keeps rolling out in ‘Donetsk People’s Republic’

Euronews (France) : Obama denounces Russia’s ‘increasingly aggressive posture’ on Ukraine


Read more in Press about Ukraine in Europe

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