Press about Ukraine in Europe. JUL 9, 2015

Reuters (The United Kingdom) : Malaysia moves on MH17 tribunal plan at U.N., Russia resists

BelTA (Belarus) : OSCE PA calls for full implementation of Minsk agreements on Ukraine

BelTA (Belarus) : BRICS countries call for compliance with Minsk agreements

BelTA (Belarus) : Belarus ready to act as secretariat in talks on Ukraine

New Statesman (The United Kingdom) : This is what it’s like to be a Russian in Kiev

New Statesman (The United Kingdom) : Why we need a British Europe, not a European Britain

BelTA (Belarus) : Belarus expects solid OSCE support for Minsk talks on Ukraine

InSerbia (Serbia) : Ukraine: Right Sector Announces Creation of New Battalions

The Guardian (The United Kingdom) : Ukraine crisis needs a political solution to reinforce EU aid efforts | Christos Stylianides

Novinite (Bulgaria) : Bulgarian-Greek Drama Enters Lux Prize Shortlist

Metro (The United Kingdom) : Woman relives horrific moment dead body crashed through kitchen roof in MH17 disaster

Novinite (Bulgaria) : Bulgarian-Greek Drama Enters Luz Prize Shortlist

The Guardian (The United Kingdom) : The 90-year-old Russian youth camp inflaming tensions in Crimea

The Guardian (The United Kingdom) : MH17 crash one year on: blame game continues over who shot down plane

BBC (The United Kingdom) : The photogenic new police officers patrolling Kiev’s streets


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