Summary information from IAC of NSDC as of 17:00 – September 05, 2014

Today in Minsk, at the meeting of the Trilateral Contact Group for the implementation of President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko’s peace plan, a ceasefire protocol for Donbas was signed.

The President of Ukraine, having taken into account the call of the Russian President Vladimir Putin to the leaders of illegal armed formations in Donbas to a ceasefire and signing the aforementioned protocol, gave ceasefire orders to the Head of the Ukrainian Armed Forces General Headquarters, effective starting 6 p.m. on September 5. ATO troops are prepared to carry out this order.

The President also ordered the Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs, in collaboration with the OSCE, to provide effective international control of the adherence to the ceasefire which should be exclusively bilateral.

As Petro Poroshenko noted, the Ukrainian side is counting on the execution of these agreements, including the ceasefire and freeing of hostages.


Combat in the conflict zone

Throughout the day the situation in the ATO zone remained tense.

Today, ATO forces destroyed two enemy armored transportation vehicles and over 40 terrorists as a result of battle near the locality of Kominternovo. Besides, while fleeing, the bandits left an infantry fighting vehicle and a mine launcher on the battlefield.

As of 4:30 p.m., near Mariupol around the locality of Shyrokine, Russian soldiers continued fire at ATO positions. There was no movement of the Russian army towards Mariupol. There are wounded among our servicemen, at the moment they are being delivered to healthcare institutions in Mariupol and other localities. Information regarding the number of casualties is being investigated at the moment. National Guard and volunteer battalion servicemen held city defense strongly.

Ukrainian army bases near Makarovo were shot at using “Grad”systems, and bases near Nyzhniy Minchenok were fired at using “Smerch”systems in Luhnask oblast from Russian territory. The Russians also fired at the positions are roadblocks of Ukrainian troops near the localities of Stanytsia Luhanska, Nikishyne, Stukalova Balka.

We remind you that on orders of the President of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Security Service created an Inter-institutional Center for Citizen Assistance for freeing of prisoners of war, hostages and search for those who are missing.

General Lieutenant Vitaly Yalovenko, deputy head of the SBU, was appointed the chairman and coordinator of the center.

The work of the state body to create a registry will involve Ukrainian and international civil organizations, volunteer movements, which already lend assistance to servicemen and their families.

The Center’s address is Kyiv, number 4, Irynynska street. The first personal appointment will be held by head of the SBU V. Nalyvaychenko and coordinator of the Center V. Yalovenko on September 6 at 11 a.m.

Besides, a call center hotline has been set up for citizen petitions at 0800-501-482, 044-235-63-67.


Situation in conflict zone localities

Terrorists are spreading information regarding the planned change of passports of Ukrainian citizens to the passports of so-called DNR and PRL in the occupied cities. The terrorists also demand that the heads of the municipal and state-owned productions, institutions and businesses make an account of their material goods.

In Stakhanov of Luhansk oblast the terrorists set up a scheme to export scrap metal to Russian territory to sell it for profit.

The Russian Federal Migration Service provided so-called LNR representatives with lists of Ukrainian citizens from Luhansk oblast that were given refugee status when entering the Russian Federation during the time of the ATO. The heads of the terrorist organizations are later planning to use the apartments and private home of the refugees for temporary accommodation of mercenaries and Russian servicemen and further ‘nationalization.’

Because the terrorists damaged water pipelines near the town of Zolote in Pervomaysk district of Luhansk oblast, water supply has been cut off to the cities of Pervomaysk, Bryanka, Stakhanov. As a result of Russian fire, apartment blocks in the city of Shchastya have been partially cut off from the supply of gas.

In Lysychansk of Luhansk oblast, one of the main transport arteries of the oblast, the Tomashevskiy automobile bridge, has been fully restored.


International support

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, his currently visiting the NATO summit in Wales, continued his bilateral meetings with the governments of leading world countries. In particular, today in Newport, the Ukrainian President met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The discussed the issue of cooperation in order to ensure the execution of Poroshenko’s peace plan, in particular, the ceasefire. Angela Merkel express her full support for Petro Poroshenko’s initiatives.

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