Summary information from IAC of NSDC as of 12:00 – 1.10.2014

Situation in the ATO zone

Situation in the territory of Luhansk and Donetsk regions remains complicated. Terrorists continue infringing the ceasefire agreements and outshooting ATO forces positions. Besides, growth in number of collisions between different terrorist gangs is observed. It results in armed clashes, involving use of mortar guns and artillery.

The situation observed in the neighborhood of Donetsk airport and nearby Mariupol, Debaltseve, Shchastya towns is the most stringent. Within last 24 hours repeated bombardments of Donetsk airport, Nikishyne, Starohnativka and Ridkodub populated localities involving “Grad” rocket launchers, mortar guns and light weapons were recorded.Redisposition of terrorists’ armor is observed nearby Debaltseve town.

Besides, terrorists fired several shots towards Avdiyivka town from the side of Donetsk city using multiple launch rocket system БМ-21 “Grad” and mortar guns.

Ukraine continues interacting with OSCE mission to provide efficient monitoring of ceasefire mode in Donbas. At the end of the week Luhansk and Donetsk branches of the mission will add 25 new members. Spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also informed that pilotless aircrafts from Austria to Ukraine for OSCE mission are forthcoming.

Within last 24 hours there were no fallen among Ukrainian military servicemen, 5 servicemen were wounded.

Yesterday a meeting chaired by the President’s Advisor on humanitarian issues Olha Bohomolets was held at the Administration of the President on Ukraine, during which an issue of providing all the injured in Maidan or ATO zone with prosthetic devices was considered. “The state has all it needs to provide the injured with prosthetic devices.  We have sufficient funds and production capacities”, – stated the Presidential Advisor. “No one will be left unattended.  We are following every wounded soldier of ours and will do our best to provide him with prosthetic care in the best and quickest way possible” – stated Olha Bohomolets.

Specialists of “Ukroboronprom” mobile teams repaired 22 armoured vehicles within last 24 hours, including tanks, airborne combat vehicles and airborne combat vehicles, as well as artillery systems and auxiliary machines.


Situation in populated localities of the ATO zone

Yesterday, following the latest bombardment from the side of terrorists, Kyivskyi, Voroshylovskyi and Kuybyshevskyi districts of Donetsk were cut off the electricity supply.  Direct missile hit damaged “Smolyanka-Mahistralna” high-voltage line.Central clinical hospital No.1 (Vyshnevskyi Hospital), blood transfusion station and Donetsk regional clinical accident hospital were connected following a fallback circuit.Due to the power supply cutoff work of North and Central water-supply centers of “Donetskgorvodokanal” communal enterprise was interrupted.  Besides, work of electric transport was disrupted.As of this morning, power supply renewal works continued, transport works as per normal.     Over 4 thousand consumers remain without gas supply in Donetsk, 14 multi-storey buildings and 29 enterprises among them.

“Donbasvodoremont” continues debottlenecking Siverskyi Donetsk – Donbas canal on the third rise nearby Horlivka. Due to narrow discharge capacity of the canal Donetsk, Mariyivka, Yenakiyeve, Horlivka, Dzerzhynsk, Torez and Khartsyzk towns are supplied with water in short volume.

Owing to the action of terrorists Luhansk is under a threat of long-term electricity supply cutoff. Power shortfall is caused by numerous damages of power facilities and overhead power transmission lines the city is connected to. At present Luhansk is supplied with only 20 percent electricity needed.

Chiefs of “Donetsk People’s Republic” terrorist organization started bringing pressure on local internet providers. They sent them threatening letters, demanding to block 27 Ukrainian and local news resources. Thus, total censorship policy is introduced in temporarily occupied territories in addition to lies and libel as a component of information war against Ukrainian mass-media.

Terrorists continue ruining Donbas infrastructure. According to data collected, at present there are 29 damaged or ruined air traffic control objects,  including 17 objects in Donetsk airport, 8 in Luhansk airport and 4 in radar facility in Artemivsk town of Donetsk region. Forecasting cost of the damaged and ruined objects renewal exceeds 700 million hryvnias.

Over 963 km of general-purpose highways as well as over 30 bridges and junctions about 3 km in length sustained damage of various intensity as a result of combat activity.   Within last week terrorists ruined a bridge across Krynka river in Nyzhnya Krynka village on Yenakiyeve-Khartsyzk motor road in Donetsk region. The bridge cost totals to 22 thousand hryvnias. 12 repair teams are already working in the territories liberated from terrorists, including 21 units of equipment and 56 workers.

Due to combat actions housing and utilities preparation is behind the schedule in 15 towns and districts of Donetsk region. 4584 residential buildings have been ruined. 42 boiler stations have been damaged. Winterization of the region is also hindered due to the incomplete renewal of Siverskyi Donets-Donbas canal work.


Response of international community to the events in Ukraine

European Union points out that agreements on ceasefire in the East of Ukraine and peace plan provisions have not been entirely fulfilled.  Thus, as of today there are no recommendations to change sanctions against Russia.It was the announcement made by spokesperson for EU Foreign Policy Service Maja Kocijancic after concluding a meeting of EU Committee of Permanent Representatives.

“Based on the evaluation of the Foreign Service and the Commission, the Committee of Permanent Representatives is conducting a thorough examination of the situation in Eastern Ukraine today. COREPER concurs with the analysis pertaining to the fact that some encouraging events in political process as well as in implementation of some aspects of Minsk Minutes were noticed. At the same time, some parts of these Minutes are still to be implemented.EU will continue its active cooperation with the parties in order to achieve peaceful settlement of the crisis in Eastern Ukraine” – she said.

Representatives of the European Union member states within the framework of the meeting of Political and Security Committee approved the concept of EU counsellors’ civil mission on Ukrainian civil defence sector reforms.

The concept envisages that the mission will facilitate a strategy development of civil defence sector reforms, which is to become a framework document in planning of practical steps in this direction.

EU mission is also expected to provide coordination and uniformity of action with other EU representatives in Ukraine, OSCE special mission and other international partners.

The Department of State spokesperson Jen Psaki stated that from the moment of ceasefire mode establishment on September 5thattack on Ukrainian positions continue, including the areas nearby Donetsk airport and Popasna town in Luhansk region.The spokesperson of the USA Department of State emphasized that Ukraine “continues implementing ceasefire agreement and maintains peaceful solution of the conflict”.She emphasized that is was the high time for Russian authorities and Russia-supported separatist “to fulfill their obligations immediately”, in compliance with agreements reached in Minsk.

Besides, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that IAEA publicly exposed and condemned the attempts of Russia to use the agency’s mechanisms to establish unilateral control over Ukrainian nuclear objects in Crimea.  During the General conference meeting Ukrainian delegation pointed at the necessity to continue applying IAEA guarantees to all the nuclear material and nuclear facilities in Ukraine in compliance with the Statute of this organization, taking into consideration international law standards and basing on the fact that Crimea is an integral part of Ukraine.

NATO representative Gay Jensen stated that there still were “hundreds” of Russian servicemen in the territory of Ukraine, including special task forces. According to NATO information, there are about 20 thousand soldiers of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation located nearby the border with Ukraine.

Polish senator Bogdan Klich informed on the readiness to aid Ukraine in its fighting capacity increase and provide expert help on its defense sector reforms.

As we have informed earlier, On September 19 governments of Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania signed an agreement on joint trilateral brigade formation. There will be 545 servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine serving in the joint Ukrainian-Polish-Lithuanian military brigade.

On the ground of Russian aggression against Ukraine Canada suspended implementation of the contract on Bombardier turboprop aircrafts production in Ulianovsk town in Russian Federation by the year 2015.

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