NSDC: Voting in precincts of Luhansk and Donetsk regions takes place calmly

“According to Donetsk Regional State Administration, as of 10:00 am 1047 election precincts out of 1097 which makes up 96% from total number opened on the territory of the region.  The voting is taking place in calm atmosphere. ATO subdivisions are drawing duty in robust security regime. The main aim is to provide for security of democratic elections, prevent subversions and acts of terror.  Servicemen are voting on a shift basis in places of Ukrainian forces deployment in order to provide for uninterrupted line of duty in positions. Over 10 thousand servicemen are to vote”, – informed a deputy head of Information and Analysis Center of the National Security and Defence Council  Volodymyr Polevyi during his media briefing in Ukrainian Crisis Media Center.

In Luhansk region the situation is under full control. 420 election precincts opened on time. “Some precincts didn’t open due to the absence of quorum.  Local authorities are doing their best to have the precincts start working during the day and make it possible for citizens to vote. In general, voting takes place without any incidents”, – added the NSDC representative. The situation is calm in Mariupol, voting is taking place in the town, increased security measures are taken for all the election precincts.

Terrorists’ activity in the ATO zone decreased as compared to the previous days. There are no combat fatalities among Ukrainian military servicemen, three servicemen were wounded.

“Number and intensity of bombardments decreased within last 24 hours. 18 shooting attacks were recorded within 24 hours, one third of them delivered on our positions nearby Nikishyne settlement in Shakhtarskyi district of Donetsk region. Mostly these were shooting using light weapons. Donetsk airport was attacked with mortar fire, it remains under our troops’ control”, – explained Volodymyr Polevyi.

Ukrainian subdivisions keep recording equipment and manpower arrival from the Russian Federation to the territories which are not controlled by Ukrainian authorities. 6 cases of pilotless aircrafts use were recorded within last 24 hours. The aircrafts were spotted nearby Sartana settlement, over Mariupol port water area as well as on “Chervonyi Chaban” border guard service segment in Khwrson region. There were no military clashes recorded at the border beyond ATO area.

Yesterday border guards jointly with Armed Forces of Ukraine unit found remains of militants’ subversive group’s hideout during intelligence and search operation nearby Kamyshne settlement in Luhansk region. During search activities two grenade wires and 2 anti-personnel mine were found along a field road.

Source: Ukraine Crisis Media Center

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