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National Security and Defense Council:Militants opened fire towards Ukrainian positions from small arms and rocket launchers of different systems

Kyiv, November 5, 2015. Today, the Ukrainian side began withdrawing mortars in Donetsk region. By the end of the week, it is planned to withdraw all mortars located on the boundary line. And on November 10 OSCE staff will begin verification.


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Yesterday militants opened fire towards Ukrainian positions at Novhorodske, near Horlivka, and in Donetsk western outskirts in the front section from Avdiivka to Maryinka. They used small arms and rocket launchers of different systems. Over the last day no Ukrainian serviceman was killed or injured in action.

Special units still continue cleaning Svatove of explosive devices. Over 90 sappers from 11 sapper teams have demined eight hectares and found about 700 munitions. They were defused in a specially equipped quarry.

In Kramatorsk police and the Security Service detained a couple who were members of an informant group of the so-called ‘Donetsk People’s Republic’ (DPR). Last May they were recruited by a former policeman, one of the Vostok group leaders nicknamed Varyag. The couple collected and passed information about ATO forces’ deployments to him. In addition, a Makarov pistol and ammunition hidden by the militant’s wife were withdrawn during a search of Varyag’s former place of residence in Kramatorsk.

Ukrainian police discovered a hiding place with weapons in the outskirts of Shchastia on the banks of the Luhansk CHP water reservoir. Security Service officers withdrew two kilograms of TNT, an anti-tank grenade launcher and a large quantity of 7.62 mm caliber ammunition.

Also yesterday police found 171 TM-62M anti-tank mines and fuses in an abandoned building in Svatove. State Emergency Service of Ukraine experts removed ammunition for further neutralization.

Yesterday, 20 trucks with humanitarian aid from the International Committee of the Red Cross arrived through the Novotroitske control point of entry / exit.

Note: This text is a transcript of the official briefing of the spokesperson of Administration of the President of Ukraine on ATO-related issues. Uaposition can not change the wording and terms used by the spokesperson. We disagree with the used terms “Russian backed militants” and “Pro Russian terrorist” instead of “Russian troops” and “Russian terrorists”. However, this is official terminology of Ukrainian authorities because as of now Ukrainian authorities don’t recognize Russia as a Party to the Conflict in Ukraine and don’t severs diplomatic relations and economic cooperation.


Infotmation-Analytics Center of National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine - official source Anti Terrorist Operation information.
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