National Security and Defense Council: Russia-backed militants shelled Horlivka

Kyiv, June 12, 2015 – Ukrainian representatives to the Joint Center for Control and Coordination (JCCC) of ceasefire notified the OSCE mission members about night attacks at Horlivka that were carried out by Russian and separatists troops jointly.

On June 10 militants shelled western outskirts of Horlivka from the side of Gagarina mine using 120-mm mortars. There are civilian casualties. The Ukrainian Armed Forces delivered intelligence about he shooting incident and the coordinates of enemy’s positions.

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Additionally, in the Donetsk area active fighting took place near the airport.

Enemy actively uses prohibited heavy weaponry including cannons and tanks concentrated at the combat line. Artillery fire was aimed to hit Ukrainian military positions in the area of Maryinka, Starohnativka and Hranitne. Militants used 120-mm mortars in Horlivka as well as sniper’s activity was also noted.

In the Luhansk area enemy was attacking the ATO positions on a wide range of frontline – from Popasna to the Russian border. According to the ATO spokesperson, separatists are using small arms and mortars. No action from large-caliber artillery or tanks was noted. Militants are regularly instigating provocations near Krymske and Sokilnyky villages.

The Mariupol area was largely peaceful on June 11th. Russia-backed militants attached the ATO forces with 152-mm cannons and mortars in the area of Pavlopil water basin.

Yesterday, the Ukrainian Armed Forces incurred no lethal casualties however 10 servicemen were wounded in action.

It has to be noted that the construction of fortifications in the ATO zone is being finalized.

A total of 300 fortifications are planned to be constructed. 100 of them are completed by now.

The Ukrainian Security Service has been detaining subversives, informers and militant accomplices. In Lysychansk, the Ukrainian Security Service detained a member of the “Pryzrak” (Ghost) militant group nicknamed “Nimets” (German) who participated in a fight against the ATO forces near Lysychansk last summer. In Shchastia, the Security Service operatives detained local power plant worker who was informer of the “LPR” militant group. The detained informing the adversary about the ATO forces deployment and was directing militant artillery fire. Furthermore, a woman was detained in Rubizhne who was passing information to the militant groups.

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