Consolidated data of the IAC of the NSDC of Ukraine 17:00 – 29 august 2014


Military operations in the conflict zone

The situation in the ​​ATO area remains difficult. It continues countrer-offensive of the RF Armed Forces and separatists gangs in south-eastern of Donetsk region. Armored Russians and their mercenaries located around Novoazovsk.

Today the armed forces of Ukraine several times entered in the fire contact with guerillas near the settlements Zolote and Gorske in Luhansk region.

In other parts of the ATO areas it has been ongoing positional battles on the outskirts of Luhansk, under Novosvitlivkf and Hryaschuvate, Donetsk and Ilovajski, Marinka, Starobeshevo and Olenevka Volnovakha (Donetsk region). In settlements Perevalsk, Zorynsk, Maloivanivka, Mala Faschivka, Verhuliyivka, Rozsypne it is fixed income of reinforcements for terrorists. The militants continue to fire Debaltseve with mortars installed in cars.

On 26 and 27 August positions of ATO forces in the area Novoazovsa were fired from multiple launch rocket systems “Grad”. It is noticed that in time of explosion of shells it deposited out unknown lacrimatory substance. According to preliminary analysis, it may be caused by outdated combustion of solid rocket fuel used in 220 mm unguided rocket projectiles.


By existing labeling it is revealed that these shells – 9 M 27 – are in service in RF Armed Forces. This confirmed additionally by the data of Classifier of the Chief Rocket Artillery Directorate of the Ministry of Defense.

In Mariupol direction jointed ATO forces improve engineering and fortification equipment of roadblocks and strongholds and carry out preventive measures in the city. Inhabitatts with settlers from captured terrorists cities help to build fortifications to prevent the Russian military assault on the outlying areas of the city. Mariupol locals are rushing to the Army Recruiting Offices expressing a desire to defend their city from the invading of Russian army.

The situation in the conflict zone localities

Terrorists’ giving of humanitarian aid to the local population in Lugansk is mostly demonstrative by nature: food is handed out before the cameras of Russian journalists. After their departure, the process of giving assistance immediately ceases.

Today in Luhansk region resumed gas supply in 4 towns: vilages Samsonivka, Pridorozhne (Krasnodonsky district), Irmino (Perevalsky district), Stanitsya-Luhanska (12 thousand subscribers). Total without gas supply remain partially – 24, full – 56 settlements in Luhansk region.

Rescuers of DSNS of Ukraine continue to restore infrastructure in the liberated from terrorists cities of Luhansk region. Now there is a combined rescue squad of Interregional Center Quick response (Sumy region). In August rescuers pulled out four piles of buildings, took out 1147 tons of destroyed building structures, cleared from trash a half mile of streets and roads of debris and 4,750 square meters of land from the wreckage, restored 460 square meters of roofs of buildings and fences. In addition to the reconstruction of destroyed buildings, lifeguards constantly deliver humanitarian aid to Luhansk region: food, necessities and clothing. In general, the region has delivered 341 tons of humanitarian aid and 52 cubic meters of drinking and 24 cubic meters of technology water.

In the Donetsk region school year starts in 569 schools – more than half, i.e. 52.1% of secondary schools. September 1 will celebrate more than 170 thousand of schoolchild. By 1st class planned to enroll more than 18 thousand students.

For students who are in a combat zone it will be organized distance learning.

On September 1 for students and teachers of rural schools that will begin work it will be organized free food and drove.

Many of children among the IDPs who left area of ​​counter-terrorism operations, go to schools in other towns across the country.

Only in the capital’s schools sit at desks over 3.5 thousand internally displaced children from the temporarily occupied territories and regions of the antiterrorist operation.

International support

Special monitoring mission of the OSCE in Ukraine sent a team of two observers in Mariupol, who from today has started working in the city. We recall that yesterday at a meeting of the Security Council of the United Nations Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations for Political Affairs Jeffrey Feltman said that he directs the OSCE monitoring group in Mariupol to see if there are Russian military.

Foreign Minister Fumio Kisida said that the invasion of Russian troops in the territory of Ukraine violate the sovereignty and national integrity of the country. The Minister claimed that Japan urges Russia to stop military intervention and to use its influence to separatists in the early cease-fire. Japan will make every effort to resolve the crisis through peaceful political dialogue. To this end, Japan will support the necessary political dialogue with Russia.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland expressed its strong protest due to the increased introduction of military forces of the Russian Federation in the territory of Ukraine. “We believe that these actions of Russia against Ukraine are as defined in UN documents – UN General Assembly resolution 3314 (determining signs of aggression) – a sign of aggression.”

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