3 civilians killed by Russian troops were found in the Kyiv region

Andrii Nebytov, the Chief of the Kyiv Regional Police reported on March 2, 2023, that a new burial ground with three bodies of citizens killed by Russian military was found in the Bucha district of the Kyiv region, in Borodianka.

Source: Andrii Nebytov, the Chief of the Kyiv Regional Police

“Another burial. This was done by a resident of the Kyiv region during the Russian occupation, probably on March 8, 2022. He and his friend found the bodies of people who were shot and killed, and they were able to bury them at that time,” reported the Chief of the Kyiv Regional Police.

According to Andrii Nebytov, then this man left for a safer area and only now returned and informed the National Police that he had made this burial during the occupation of this settlement.

“Experts initially see that these are the bodies of three men. They are in very bad condition. But according to our information, there is one of the residents here, who is 50 years old and who was shot in a car. Then there was a fire and his body burned. The other two people have not yet been identified,” said the head of the Kyiv region police.

The police found injuries on the bodies, and they believe these were bullet wounds.

“Accordingly, their bodies will be taken to the forensic medical examiner, who will do everything possible to conduct a molecular examination. All the necessary examinations will be conducted,” concluded Andrii Nebytov.

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