Operational report September 27, 2022 by the General Staff of AFU on the Russian invasion of Ukraine

All maps are provided by the Institute for the Study of War and AEI’s Critical Threat Project.

The brave Ukrainian people’s defense against a massive Russian military assault is still going strong on day 216.

Russia is still concentrating its efforts on completing the invasion of the Donetsk oblast, retaining the territory it has taken, and interfering with the Ukrainian Defense Forces’ ongoing operations in some regions. Ukrainian forces’ positions along the contact line are still being shelled, and in certain locations Russian units are making an effort to retake positions by conducting illegal aerial surveillance. In violation of the rules of international humanitarian law, as well as the laws and conventions of war, Russia destroys civilian infrastructure and residences in Ukraine.

The possibility of Russian airstrikes and missile attacks on the entire area of Ukraine still exists. For instance, Russian troops conducted more than ninety MLRS assaults and fired nine missiles and twenty-two airstrikes in the last day. Russia recently illegally used attack unmanned aerial vehicles in the vicinity of the Bilenke village in the Odesa oblast.

The Russian fire damaged more than fifty Ukrainian communities. Sloviansk, Kramatorsk, Soledar, Avdiyivka, Novopil, Zaporizhzhia, Marhanets, Musiyivka, Kryvyi Rih, Nikopol, Potiomkine, Osokorivka, Mykolayiv, Ochakiv, and Bilen’ke are a few of these cities.

In the directions of Volyn’, Polissia, and Siverskyi, not much has changed.

Russia’s artillery, mortar, and tanks continued to shell in various directions in Ukraine, specifically:

  • Avdiyivka, Vodiane, Opytne, Krasnohorivka, Mariyinka and Novomyhaylivka in the Avdiyivka direction;
  • in the vincinty of Baranivka, Udy, Hatysche, Vovchansk, Dvorichne, Kucherivka, Petropavlivka and Senkove in the Slobozhanskyi area;
  • Staryi Karavan, Ozerne, Sivers’k, Spirne, Rozdolivka and Vesele near Kramatorsk;
  • Novopil, Novosilka and Vremivka around Zaporizhzhia;
  • Soledar, Bakhmutske, Hryhorivka, Bakhmut, Vesela Dolyna, Zaytseve, Maiorsk and Yuriyivka in the Bakhmut area;
  • Zolota Nyva, Vuhledar, Pavlivka and Yehorivka in the Novopavlivsk area.

Russian artillery and mortar fire from the South Buh direction impacted more than twenty-five towns close to the contact line. Chervona Dolyna, Shyroke, Andriyivka, Bilohirka, Ternovi Pody, Lymany, and Myrne in particular.

Tension persists at the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant. Employees at the station try to evacuate the areas that the Russian soldiers are now occupying since they do not want to assist Russia. Entry and egress to the occupied portion of the Kherson oblast are wholly prohibited.

It has been shown that Russia’s military staff and equipment were successfully destroyed in the previous days. As a result, up to ten pieces of weaponry and military equipment as well as more than two dozen Russian soldiers were destroyed in Melitopol and seven Ural vehicles were damaged and rendered inoperable in Kherson.

Russian S-300 complex in the communities of Tokmak and Chernihivka in the Zaporizhzhia region was attacked, resulting in the destruction of five pieces of military hardware and the injury of over five dozen Russian soldiers.

Ukrainian Defense Forces soldiers withstood Russian assaults throughout the day in the towns of Soledar, Kurdiumivka, Zaytseve, Maiorsk, Bakhmut, Kamianka, and Pervomayske.

Twenty eight attacks were carried out by Ukrainian Defense Forces aviation. More than twenty locations where the Russian army gathered troops and military hardware, as well as seven locations where anti-aircraft missile systems were stationed, all sustained damage. Russia’ losses are being made clear.

Five command and control stations, twelve locations where Russian troops concentrated soldiers and equipment, two anti-aircraft missile positions, three ammo stores, and more than ten more significant objectives were all struck by Ukrainian missile forces and artillery.

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General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

The military staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine - official source of the information from the Russian-Ukrainian war.
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