Operational information on May 16, 2022 regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine

The heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people against a russian military invasion continues for eighty-two days. The enemy was focusing on Donetsk. It aims to stop the advance of defense forces north of Kharkiv, and prevent them from entering the state border with Ukraine. The units in the Izium area are preparing offensive actions against the Russian enemy.

Russian aviation had an impact on civil and military infrastructures in the eastern operational area, as well as industrial objects deep within the territory of Ukraine. The russian enemy didn’t take any active actions in the Volyn or Polissya directions. The Armed Forces of belarus (up to 7 battalions) are still assigned to be present at the area of the Ukrainian-belarusian border.

The next stage of assessing the battle readiness of the Armed Forces of Republic of Belarus’ response forces will be carried out until May 21. The border lane activity is being recorded by the mobile radio monitoring centre. It also includes the territory of Ukraine. It monitors cellular networks. In the Siversky direction, the russian enemy increased the control over the Ukrainian-Russian border in Bryansk and Kursk areas and conducted demonstration actions to keep the units of defense forces in the direction and prevent them from being transferred to the eastern operational area. There is still a possibility of rocket launchers and shelling from the territory of russian federation.

The russian army focuses its efforts in the Kharkiv direction on maintaining positions and preventing our troops from moving towards the state frontier of Ukraine with the russian federation. It completes and replenishes losses. Russian invaders fired on civilian infrastructure in villages Dovhenke, Petrivka, Ruski Tyshki and Ternova. UAV “Orlan-10” was used by the russian soldiers to conduct air intelligence.

The Donetsk direction saw russian intruders firing from all available weapons to aircraft, including to deplete personnel and to destroy our fortifications. The offensive continues in the Lyman, Bakhmut, and Kurakhiv directions.

The Russian enemy continues to use massive air and artillery strikes in Mariupol. Occupants concentrated their efforts on the destruction and blocking of units within the Azovstal area.

After the losses caused by the Ukrainian Forces in the Avdiivka direction, the russain enemies moved to the previously occupied positions. The Severodonetsk, Novopavlovsky directions saw no active fighting by the russians, but it did attempt to cause fire damage to units of Ukrainian troops.

The enemy’s positions in the Ukrainian village Chornobayivka received heavy losses in equipment and live power from the Ukrainian army. It is not known how many.

The Air Defence Forces of the Air Forces of Ukraine and Land Forces of Ukraine shot 11 targets during the day: 2 helicopters (KA-52, Mi-28), 7 UAVs operative-tactical and 2 rocket missiles. Air Force of Ukraine aircraft continued to fire on russian enemies from the air, support the fighting of Ukrainian soldiers and patrol the skies of Ukraine. Seventeen enemy attacks occurred in the Donetsk-Luhansk direction. 3 tanks, 1 artillery unit, and 6 combat armoured vehicle units were destroyed. It is not known what the losses were to the russian invaders’ personnel.

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The military staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine - official source of the information from the Russian-Ukrainian war.
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