Ukrainian soldiers took away a Russian tank: video

Ukrainian fighters of the 1st Siveria Tank Brigade managed to take the Russian “armored сar” from the “gray zone”, despite the danger of shelling on September 24, 2022. A feral domestic pig with piglets almost blocked the way for Ukrainian soldiers.

Source: The 1st Siveria Tank Brigade

Russian tank is in the service of the Ukrainian military.

Although, the Ukrainian military tried to leave the dangerous area as soon as possible, they had to slow down a little. Their way was almost blocked by a feral domestic pig with piglets. The soldiers slowly followed the Suidae family (swines) until they turned towards the forest.

The damaged combat vehicle of the Russian army was towed to the Ukrainian-controlled territory. The tank will be repaired, repainted and adopted by the Ukrainian brigade.

Uaposition memo: The cost of one such “steel horse” is several million dollars. So, Ukrainian soldiers could not pass up the opportunity to get equipment for free, simply by taking it from under the noses of Russians.

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