Ukrainian horses became victims of Russian aggression: video

The animal protection organization “UAnimals” noted on January 25, 2023, on Facebook that seven horses were to be evacuated from Vuhledar in the Donetsk region (east of Ukraine) to Ivano-Frankivsk (west of Ukraine), but the war-exhausted animals barely were traveled to Kyiv, and three of them died.

Source: The animal protection organization “UAnimals”

The workers of the wildlife rescue center of Ukraine immediately began to provide emergency medical care to the horses, putting them on drips and saving them from death. Despite this, one horse still died, and the prognosis for two more is extremely disappointing.

“Vuhledar is a small town near Donetsk between the hotspots Marinka and Velyka Novosilka on the front line. The constant attacks of the Russians turn the city, in which 14 thousand inhabitants lived, into ruins. Pedigree horses of the Ukrainian breed, Novoolexandrian Draught, lived there in a breeder under constant Russian fire and severe stress and exhaustion,” added the animal protection organization “UAnimals”.

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