Zeman says fall of ruble will stabilize situation in Ukraine

Czech President Milos Zeman, who is known for his pro-Russian position, has said that the fall of the ruble may contribute to stabilizing the situation in Ukraine.
He said this at a press conference, the Yevropeiska Pravda online newspaper reported.
“I think the current situation with the fall of the ruble is a shock, which is quite overcome, so I’m not afraid of destabilization in Russia… I believe that on the contrary, this will stabilize the situation in Ukraine,” Zeman said.
However, he did not explain his opinion and again called the situation in Ukraine a civil war.
Zeman said that the Czech Republic should support all measures by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to stabilize the situation and continue peace talks and expressed the intention to discuss with him the situation in eastern Ukraine during Poroshenko’s visit to the Czech Republic.

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