Zelensky to the Germans: don’t sponsor the war, don’t give a single euro to Russia

President Volodymyr Zelensky has called on Germany and other European countries to stop sponsoring Russia, which is waging a bloody war against Ukraine.

Source: The President of Ukraine

Zelensky stressed that no one has the right to kill people and divide Europe.

He also recalled that Ukraine has repeatedly warned European politicians that “it is dangerous when Moscow decides whether you have gas, how much it costs,” and said that sanctions are needed to prevent this war.

The President  also claimed that Ukraine is now fighting against one of the most numerous armies in the world, against “missiles, bombs, rocket artillery, against planes and helicopters, on which the Russians write “to Berlin” right now, because they want to go further, much further than Ukraine, they want to go everywhere.”

“Germans, you have power. Europe has more power than any missiles, any tanks. Russia will have no money for this war without trading with you, without your companies and banks.

So let there be peace as soon as possible. And you can do it. You must defend yourself.

Please do not sponsor the Russian military machine. Don’t give a single euro to the invaders! Close all your ports, do not supply goods and give up Russian energy resources.

Press for Russia to withdraw from Ukraine. I believe I know that peace is possible. But everyone in Germany and Europe must act to come to peace. No chance of a Russian war. Go ahead! “

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