Yatseniuk says when temporary displaced persons can get money

Financial assistance to workable migrants from Donbas will be appointed only after they are registered at the State Employment Center.
Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk announced at a Cabinet meeting Wednesday, a Ukrinform correspondent reports.
“We resolve to provide state aid for the six-month period to these persons (temporarily displaced persons from Donbas – Ed.). Per each person, who is not able to earn, a monthly aid is UAH 884. For every working person – it is 50% of this amount. And note – in case if a person wants to receive the government assistance – he/she should come to the Employment Center and register in order to get a job. If one wants that the state helped him/her, they should look for a job and get it,” Yatseniuk said.
Total payments for a family, according to Yatseniuk, should not exceed UAH 2,400.
“I emphasize again – it is just in case, if a person is looking for a job and is willing to provide for one’s family through going to work and earning. The state cannot help a person, who is not looking for a job, because this person does not want to help himself/herself,” the Prime Minister stressed.

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