Yatseniuk presents tax reform

The Cabinet of Ministers has proposed a plan of comprehensive changes in the tax system.
The tax reform was presented by Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk at a Cabinet meeting on Wednesday.
“There were 22 taxes, now there would be 9. There was the payment of income tax in the tax reporting, we are canceling it, and now we will pay according to financial statements. We will build and transform some of the taxes and fees and promise to improve the administration and the system of taxes and fees,” he said.
With regard to a single social contribution, Yatseniuk noted, the government reduces the load on the payroll three times.
“We will de-shadow salary and introduce the principle of fair taxation of incomes of citizens: if you earn less – you pay less taxes, if you earn more – you pay more taxes,” the head of government said.
He added that the government gives a month to discuss the tax reform with business. The final draft tax reform should be submitted to the parliament in the first plenary week, the prime minister concluded.
“If there is an alternative – you are welcome, if there is a better option – just show. We are willing to take any criticism, but, together with proposals,” Yatseniuk said.

06.08.2014 15:49

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