Yatseniuk: “I’ve told you that I won’t give up without a fight”

Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk believes the results of today’s vote in the Verkhovna Rada is his victory.
He told this to reporters in Kyiv on Thursday.
“We will continue to work on a package of reforms and to fight for the country. I have told you that I will not give up without a fight. The fight has taken place. We have won it,” he said.
The head of government also emphasized that the support by the constitutional majority of all the initiatives of the Ukrainian government is “a step to unite and save the country.”
“Today, the Ukrainian parliament with a constitutional majority vote supported all the bills of the Ukrainian government. Even the parliament realized that we have the only correct option – the unity of the nation. If we don’t, then the nation will not be at all,” he said.
The prime minister also said: “The country is moving forward. The country is struggling. The country will win.”
A reminder that July 24 Prime Minister Yatseniuk resigned after the collapse of the coalition in the Verkhovna Rada, as well as due to the failure of the parliament to support the initiative of the Cabinet of Ministers on the 2014 budget cuts and the reform of NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine”.
At Thursday’s extraordinary session the Verkhovna Rada did not support the vote of no-confidence in Arseniy Yatseniuk.
The parliament also adopted amendments to the Tax Code and the state budget.

31.07.2014 16:37

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