Yatseniuk announces new economic policy

Ukraine’s economy will switch to the new economic policy.
Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk said, presenting a draft program of the government’s actions on Tuesday, Ukrinform’s correspondent reports.
“Objectively, we will not be able to fund the army, we will not be able to provide social standards, if the economy does not work. In the military economy it is difficult to provide stability. But this is our task. Therefore, after stopping the Russian military aggression, the economy should switch to the new footing – the footing of the new economic policy,” Yatseniuk said.
According to the Premier, the new model envisages radical cutting of the state sector expenses, reduction of the number of taxes to nine and gradual reduction of the unified social tax to 15 percent, as well as two-year tax vacations for small and medium-size business, economy demonopolization and trade expansion.

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