Yatseniuk addresses Putin in his speech at UN

Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk, in his speech at the UN General Assembly session, has openly addressed Russian President Vladimir Putin, urging him to stop the aggression against Ukraine.
He said this in his ten-minute speech, Ukrinform’s correspondent reported.
“Mr. Putin, you can win the fight against the troops, but you will never win the fight against the nation – the united Ukrainian nation,” Yatseniuk said.
He recalled that “Russia violated a number of bilateral and multilateral international agreements,” starting with the UN Charter and ending with the resolutions on fighting terrorism that were adopted by the UN.
“We know what terrorism means. And we urge Russia to pull back its forces, to pull back its artillery, to stop to supply of Russian-led terrorists, to restore the control over the Ukrainian-Russian border, and to start real talks, peace talks,” Yatseniuk said.
He acknowledged that the military option on resolving the crisis in Ukraine was not the best one. “This should be a comprehensive approach, which comprises diplomatic, financial, political, and only at last – military options,” Yatseniuk said.
Yatseniuk urged Russia to fulfill all 12 points of the Minsk memorandum, stressing that “this is not a menu where you can pick anything.”
He also called on the international community to help bring to justice those responsible for the tragedy with the downed Malaysia Airlines passenger aircraft, which he called a “crime against humanity.”
The prime minister expressed confidence that Ukraine would resume control over all of its territory, including Crimea.

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