Yasynuvata, Zhdanivka being cleared of militants

The anti-terrorist operation (ATO) forces are conducting an operation to clear Yasynuvata and Zhdanivka in Donetsk region and Chornukhyne in Luhansk region of terrorists.
The leader of the Information Resistance group, Dmytro Tymchuk, reported this on his Facebook page.
“The ATO forces (mechanized and airborne units in interaction with the National Guard) are conducting actions on clearing the settlement of Yasynuvata,” Tymchuk wrote.
He also said that Inaterior Ministry units were taking measures to search for and neutralize groups of militants near Chornukhyne and Zhdanivka. Forty roadblocks and four strongholds of the ATO forces were set up for isolation of the district.
The ATO forces also organized 33 strongholds to block terrorist groups near Donetsk (Sector ‘B’).

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