Yanukovych, his ‘Family’ face trial in absentia – Yatseniuk

Ukraine’s runaway ex-president Viktor Yanukovych can be punished for crimes against humanity and mass murder in absentia.
This is provided for in a government bill on the introduction of criminal sanctions, Prime Minister Arseniy Yatseniuk said at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers on Friday.
“Due to the fact that Viktor Yanukovych is the person that is being wanted and charged with crimes against humanity and mass murder, he would be subject to a special procedure of criminal proceedings,” Yatseniuk said.
According to him, under the law, the Ukrainian state will search all around the world everyone who supported the annexation of Crimea and who is now supporting and financing terrorists on the territory of Ukraine, the property of their banks, financial companies, businesses and private property.

08.08.2014 16:57

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