White House: The United States wants to put Russia in front of a choice between depletion of reserves and default

The purpose of US sanctions is to deplete Russia’s resources for the war in Ukraine and put Moscow in front of a choice – depletion of its dollar reserves or default.

Source: White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki

“Russia does not have unlimited resources, especially now given the crippling sanctions we have put in place and they are going to be forced to choose between draining remaining valuable dollar reserves or new revenue coming in or default.  The biggest part of our objective here is to deplete the resources that Putin has to continue his war against Ukraine and obviously causing more uncertainty and challenges to their financial system is a part of that.”

Additional punitive measures are expected. Jen Psaki said that more sanctions were expected to be announced today in coordination with the European Union and the Group of 7 nations. The sanctions will target Russian financial institutions, government officials and their family members, and state-owned enterprises.

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