Western countries promised to provide Ukraine with 321 heavy tanks, – Ukraine’s ambassador to France

Ukraine’s ambassador to France Vadym Omelchenko noted on January 27, 2023, that the allies of Ukraine confirmed agreement to supply 321 heavy tanks to Ukraine.

Source: Ukraine’s ambassador to France Vadym Omelchenko

“As of today, many countries have officially confirmed their agreement to supply 321 heavy tanks to Ukraine,” explained Ukraine’s ambassador to France, without referring to specific countries.

Vadym Omelchenko stressed the importance of the Ukrainian army receiving the tanks as soon as possible.

“We need this help as soon as possible. If we wait until August or September, it will be too late,” the ambassador added.

Ukraine’s ambassador to France also added that the terms of the transfer of tanks vary in each specific case.

“Some [countries – ed.] need maintenance, others are solving logistics issues, and others are waiting to receive other models to replace the ones they are handing over,” the ambassador said.

The ambassador noted that Ukraine was preparing for a possible offensive by Russia on several fronts this spring.

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