The West is considering excluding Russia from the G20

The United States and its allies assess whether Russia can remain within the group of the world’s largest economies – however, there is no procedure for depriving Russia of membership in the G20.

Source: Reuters

The US plan to consult with their allies before making any statements.

The G20 is currently chaired by Indonesia, and it is reported that “Indonesia has made it very clear that Russia’s presence at future meetings will be very problematic for European countries.”

It is noted that some countries are likely to miss this year’s G20 meetings.

Any attempt to completely exclude Russia will be vetoed by other G20 members, which include China, India, and Saudi Arabia.

The representative of one of the G20 member states in Asia said that there is no procedure for depriving Russia of membership in the G20, and thus Russia cannot be excluded from the G20 if Moscow itself does not make such a decision.

The G20 is a key international platform for coordinating everything from climate change action to cross-border debt.

The source said that “If Russia remains a member, it (the G20) will become a less useful organization.”

Earlier, Poland said it had invited US trade officials to replace Russia in the G20, and that the proposal had received a “positive response”.

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