We will be with Ukrainians until their victory, – Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania

Lithuanian Foreign Minister notes that Lithuania will be with Ukraine until it wins.

Source: Lithuanian Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis

“We are at a crossroads, and this is almost as important as on February 24. The first three months have shown that we can respond, we can help Ukraine, we can isolate Moscow, and we want to help the Baltic countries, which face unprecedented security challenges. And it seems that a lot of Western forces have been spent in the three months of the war.”

Landsbergis said that “the question of  the next steps remains open.”

According to him, there are three main challenges on the Ukrainian front, and one of them is the “new front”, which will determine the lives of all of us in the future.

“The first is whether we can continue to help Ukraine. And the difficulties arise primarily in the fact that we in Lithuania and other Western countries believe that Ukraine has already won. Important victories in Kyiv and Kharkiv have shown that Ukraine can win.”

“Do not think that victory has already been achieved, do not give up. Today it is clear that the main message is when it comes to negotiating with the Russians. Not how to win, not how to displace, or return the territory, but how to negotiate with the occupier. And we have to promise to be with Ukrainians until they win.”

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