US will provide the medical system of Ukraine with almost $120M in financial aid

The Ministry of Health of Ukraine noted on March 14, 2023, that the United States would provide Ukraine with $118.5 million in funding to support the country’s healthcare system, including programs to ensure a sustainable response to the HIV and tuberculosis epidemic in Ukraine during the war. This became known after the meeting of the US Global AIDS Coordinator John N. Nkengasong and the Minister of Health of Ukraine Viktor Liashko in Warsaw, Poland.

Source: The Ministry of Health of Ukraine

US Global AIDS Coordinator John N. Nkengasong announced the allocation by the PEPFAR initiative of total funding to Ukraine in the amount of $118.5 million for two years.

$59.5 million of this amount is planned to be allocated in 2024 and another $59 million in 2025.

“This is the first time that two-year funding will be introduced. In addition, the Global Fund has also announced the allocation of $157 million in aid for 2024-2026,” informed the US Global AIDS Coordinator John N. Nkengasong.

Uaposition memo: PEPFAR is an extraordinary initiative of the President of the United States to assist in the fight against HIV/AIDS. It consists of providing technical assistance and a certain amount of direct services to maximize the quality, coverage and effectiveness of the national response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

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