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U.S. urges Ukraine to strengthen its anti-graft measures

The United States on the third anniversary of the Revolution of Dignity in Ukraine has called on the Kyiv authorities to boost efforts in fighting corruption and implementing reform, according to a statement by Mark C. Toner, the acting spokesperson of the U.S. State Department, released Monday, February 20.

”Three years ago, thousands of Ukrainians came together on the Maidan, Kyiv`s central square, to demand that their voices be heard,” said Toner.

”Braving subzero temperatures and violence by security forces, these Ukrainians peacefully called on their government to recognize their choice to join Europe,” the statement reads.

Noting that Ukraine has made ”remarkable progress since then,” the acting spokesman said ”much work remains to be done to fulfill the promise of the Maidan.”

Remembering the courage and resolve shown by the Ukrainian people in the Revolution of Dignity, the United States ”calls on Ukraine`s leaders to strengthen efforts to fight corruption and continue the political and economic reforms that will honor those who gave their lives to secure a better, more democratic future for Ukraine.”

”The United States will continue to stand with the Ukrainian people in this effort,” Mark Toner concluded.


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