US and G7 are preparing a large-scale package of sanctions against Russia on February 24

US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Ambassador Victoria Nuland noted on February 16, 2023, that the United States, together with its G7 partners, is preparing a new large-scale package of sanctions, which is planned to be announced closer to the anniversary of Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine.

Source: US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Ambassador Victoria Nuland

“I think you will see around the 24th a big new package of sanctions from both the US and from all of our G7 partners. These sanctions will deepen and broaden in certain categories where we have been active before, particularly in limiting the flow of technology to the Russian defense industry, high-tech equipment, et cetera, to sanctioning those individuals who are directly involved in prosecuting this war and supporting it,” informed Victoria Nuland.

At the same time, Victoria Nuland noted that sanctions may also be announced against other countries that help the Russian Federation circumvent previously introduced restrictions in various ways. It is, in particular, about schemes for the supply of laptops, refrigerators, and other household appliances with electronic components to Russia that can be used for the Russian “war machine”.

“We are going to get those evaders, both in our own space and in third countries. We are also broadening banking sanctions. We’re going to broaden our export controls, which will capture much of the illicit trade, and particularly we’re targeting areas of concern and countries that are helping Russia evade sanctions,” added US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs.

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