Underground bunker with APC, Grad missiles uncovered in Kyiv`s suburbs

An underground bunker with a large arsenal of weapons and an armored personnel carrier (APC) has been uncovered by Kyiv prosecutors jointly with National Police officers outside Ukraine`s capital in Boryspilsky district, Kyiv region.

The arsenal stored by a private household included Grad rockets, shells, mortars and anti-tank mines, the Kyiv prosecutor`s office wrote on Facebook on Friday.

”… law-enforcers found 60 objects looking like Grad rockets, two items looking like shells for an infantry fighting vehicle, four items looking like ammunition to a portable anti-aircraft missile system, about 200 items similar to anti-tank mines, a tripod-mounted man-portable antitank gun, a bazooka, and armor-piercing shells,” the posting said.

Police have opened a criminal case under Article 263 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (illegal handling of weapons, ammunition or explosives).

An investigation is underway to determine the channels of the supply of the weapons.

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