UN plans to collect $5.6B for Ukraine in 2023

The UN Resident & Humanitarian Coordinator in Ukraine Denise Brown noted on March 1, 2023, that in 2022, the United Nations collected 80% of the amount needed for humanitarian response in Ukraine, and 15% has already been received in 2023.

Source: The UN Resident & Humanitarian Coordinator in Ukraine Denise Brown

“In 2022, it was extraordinary support. This is also from UN member states, as well as foundations. So in 2022, we were able to raise $3.4 billion for the needs of people affected by the war in Ukraine. This is 80% of what we asked for. According to this year’s plan, we have received 15% so far, but we, and I, will continue to attract help,” said Denise Brown.

Denise Brown noted that in 2023, the UN plans to collect $5.6 billion, of which $3.9 billion will be used to help Ukraine, and the rest to help Ukrainians who fled the war to neighboring countries. The UN Resident & Humanitarian Coordinator added that this volume estimate will change over time and should cover more than 11 million people in need of assistance in Ukraine.

According to Denise Brown, the UN’s first priority during the year of the full-scale invasion was meeting the needs of those who lost their homes and were forced to flee, as well as winter aid.

Another priority of the international organization was to help areas where Ukrainian government control was restored and communities within 20 km of the front line.

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