Ukrainian volunteers bought the Bayraktar complex for the Armed Forces of Ukraine worth more than $16 million

The Charitable Fund “Come Back Alive” was the first in Ukraine to purchase and hand over the Bayraktar unmanned aerial system to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Its total cost is $16,502,450.

Source: The head of the Fund Taras Chmut

“Almost three months of the titanic efforts by Ruslana Velychko, thousands of benefactors who support the army every day, dozens of meetings, a lot of nerves and stacks of papers – and now, finally, we can publicly present the largest project of our team – we bought Bayraktar system.”

According to him, negotiations on the purchase of military equipment began at the beginning of May.

“We purposely did not make it public, because if you want to achieve a result, you must accept the rules of the market you enter. The market for procurement of military goods requires silence and privacy. And then there will be a result.”

It is not just about drones, but about a full-fledged autonomous system, which includes:

  • air communication system;
  • mobile ground control complex;
  • ground data terminal;
  • the recognition system “ours — enemyʼs”;
  • three attack drones;
  • several dozen adjusted aviation ammunition;
  • other necessary ground equipment and spare parts.

“This is the largest one-time purchase in the history of the Fund and maybe the entire volunteer movement of the country,” Chmut said.

According to him, the complex has been handed over to the Ukrainian military one month ago.

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