Ukrainian troops eliminated 35 Russian soldiers, mortars and armored vehicles in the south

The Operational Command Pivden (South) noted on February 27, 2023, that the artillerymen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed Russian warehouses with ammunition, mortars, armored vehicles, as well as 35 Russian servicemen in the Kherson region.

Source: The Operational Command Pivden (South)

“Ukrainian missile and artillery units reduced the Russian army of 35 soldiers, another watercraft of diversionary group, mortars and armored personnel carriers, which Russian military used to set up firing positions for shelling the Right Bank. In addition, 2 warehouses with ammunition were destroyed in the area of Nova Kakhovka and Solontsiv,” informed the Operational Command Pivden (South).

In addition, the Russian army continues shelling peaceful settlements and the population of the Right Bank.

“Over the past day, Russian military carried out about 100 shellings, as a result of which 1 civilian was killed and 2 were wounded. While continuing to destroy critical infrastructure, residential quarters and social facilities, the Russian army is also shelling the water area of the Dnieper–Bug estuary and the coastal communities of the Mykolaiv region,” added the Operational Command Pivden.

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