Ukrainian troops destroyed 40 Russian soldiers and repelled 7 attacks in the Bakhmut direction

The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine reported that the border guards repelled seven Russian attacks and eliminated 40 Russian servicemen in the Bakhmut direction, Donetsk region (east of Ukraine) on February 19, 2023.

Source: The State Border Guard Service of Ukraine

“Border units performing combat missions on the eastern front repelled a dozen attacks by Russian troops, seven of them in the Bakhmut direction,” informed the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

It is noted that in certain areas, Russian soldiers operated with the support of tanks. Most of the attacks were stopped by the fire of border guards’ mortars and the artillery of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“Ukrainian troops eliminated small infantry groups of Russian military with small arms and grenade launchers in the suburban building of Bakhmut. Russian assault attempts were restrained in defensive battles. In total, the border guards destroyed 40 Russian servicemen, and other 37 were injured,” emphasized the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

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