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Ukrainian Radio begins broadcast in occupied Crimea

Ukraine`s ”UR-1 Ukrainske Radio” (Ukrainian Radio) from May 26 started broadcasting in the Russian-occupied Crimea on 101.4 FM.

”For the first time over two years of annexation, the Crimeans again hear the Ukrainian words [on the radio] and the voice of their Homeland. From now on, it will sound confidently in Crimea. We have just restored Ukrainian national broadcasting on the temporarily occupied territory of Crimea! I am getting messages from Dzhankoy and Krasnoperekopsk – Ukraine is heard in the receivers, people say that the signal is strong,” said Andriy Hordeyev, chairman of the Kherson Regional State Administration.

It is noted that on May 18, the regulator announced competition for a license to broadcast using radio frequencies available in Kherson region. It was Ukrainian Radio UR-1 who received the broadcasting license.

As Andriy Hordeyev added, a plot of land was allocated in the territory of Henichesk district for the construction of a new tower, which would be equipped with a powerful transmitter. Thus Ukrainian TV – and radio broadcasting will cover all border areas of Kherson region and the occupied Crimea.


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  1. Great news! I hope Russian people in Crimea help democratic process and freedom from oppression! Slava Ukraini!

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