Ukrainian nation has demonstrated that it can unite – Poroshenko

Over the past year the Ukrainian nation has dispelled the stereotype that it finds it very difficult to unite.
Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said this at a meeting with volunteers on Wednesday, a Ukrinform correspondent reported.
“What stereotype existed in relation to Ukraine? What, first and foremost, characterized the Ukrainians in other people’s opinion? The proverb ‘but that’s none of my business,’ that it’s very difficult to unite us – this eternal idea has been completely destroyed,” he said.
According to Poroshenko, the Ukrainians have demonstrated over the past six months that they can be united, and that the joint efforts taken even during the Maidan will not be interrupted, especially now, during the hostilities.
Poroshenko also said that Ukraine initially had a “destroyed and bloodless” army. However, in a few months Ukraine has managed to revive the army. In particular, according to Poroshenko, Ukrainian Armed Forces and National Guard units have currently reduced the area of the anti-terrorist operation in eastern Ukraine by three quarters.
“I hope that within two or three months you have seen progress – progress in financing the Armed Forces, progress in improving the professionalism of planning operations and progress in the decisiveness of our army. Unfortunately, this progress is not very fast. And today it is still too early to relax both for the state, for the army, for the National Guard, and for border guards,” the president said.

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