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Ukrainian Interior Minister Avakov announces large-scale ”cleansing” among generals

Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov has submitted for approval a draft proposing a reduction in the posts of generals.

”The proposed cuts: the State Border Guard Service (with about 42,000 people), including 74 generals, will have 14 people remaining; the National Guard (46,000 people), including 38 generals, will have 18 people remaining; the Emergency Service (73,000 people), including 27 generals, will keep 21 people; the National Police and the Ministry of Internal Affairs (175,000 people), including 57 generals, will have 42 people left,” he wrote on Facebook.

According to Avakov, under the proposal, in total, the posts and ranks of generals will be reduced from 194 to 95 among all paramilitary formations and law enforcement bodies which are part of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.


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