Ukrainian humanitarian aid arrives in Luhansk region

All Ukrainian humanitarian aid arrived in Luhansk region and handed over to the Red Cross.
Iryna Herashchenko, Presidential Commissioner for peaceful settlement of the conflict in eastern Ukraine wrote on her Facebook page.
She said that humanitarian aid from Kyiv, Kharkiv and Dnipropetrovsk arrived in Lysychansk, Starobilsk and Severodonetsk respectively.
“Local bakeries have already received a command to bake bread from a part of flour, that will be given to residents of Shchastia and other surrounding villages, recently released by the ATO from bandits. And the rest of the humanitarian aid will be delivered as soon as possible – God forbid – by the mission of the Red Cross to occupied zones. We must thank our drivers and the Emergency Service workers – they have not slept all night. Those from Kyiv went to deliver the goods, all the rest – to unload the trucks. All are the heroes, all refused to have their rest in order to do their job as quickly as possible so that Ukrainians, who became hostages of war, received food,” Herashchenko wrote.
15.08.2014 17:14

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