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Ukrainian forces fight off attacks by pro-Moscow gunmen and Russian troops on Bakhmutka highway and Troitske

On Thursday, Ukrainian troops fought off the terrorists’ assaults on the Bakhmutka highway, near Krymske village 55 kilometers northwest of Luhansk, and near the village of Troitske, 90 kilometers northwest of Luhansk.
Dmytro Tymchuk head of the Center for Military and Political Studies reported the news on his Facebook page with reference to data by Information resistance group. “Enemy continued to attack near Bakhmutovka highway in the area of checkpoint number 29. Two massive attacks by gunmen were supported by their artillery shelling. However, the response by Ukrainian artillery units the enemy couldn’t advance deeply towards Siversky Donets river, losing at least four of its armored vehicles units,” Tymchuk says.
In the area of Troitske village a tactical group of Russian-terrorist troops accompanied by six tanks, 12 armored combat vehicles and reinforced infantry company assaulted the front line held by Ukrainian troops. The attack was fought off and the enemy retreated. “The gunmen evacuated their wounded and killed soldiers for several hours, Ukrainian commanders permitting,” the statement said.
Ukrainian artillery shelled convoy of Russian-terrorist troops made up from ten armored vehicles (tanks and armored fighting vehicles). At least one unit of armored vehicles was destroyed in the area of Slavyanoserbsk, 35 kilometers northwest of Luhansk. Tymchuk also reports that the enemy artillery group (cannon artillery and Grad MLRS) located west of Stakhanov, city located 45 kilometers west of Luhansk, massively shells positions of Ukrainian troops in Debaltseve bridgehead. There is accumulation of armored vehicles about 20 of armored vehicle units, including at least seven tanks located south of Stakhanov.
Movements of battalion task force staffed with Russian soldiers and supported by units of local gunmen towards Debaltseve bridgehead were detected. The battalion has up to 12 tanks, 25 armored combat vehicles, special operations vehicles, additional artillery.

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