Ukrainian customs service preparing response to Russian bans

The State Customs Service of Ukraine is preparing measures against Russian imports after the introduction by Russia of restrictions on Ukrainian exports.
Deputy Head of the State Customs Service Anatoliy Makarenko told this to reporters in Kyiv on Friday, RBC-Ukraine reported.
“Russia currently has a tougher stand on Ukrainian exports and all that is imported into Russia from Ukraine. Our service has planned and is taking proper measures. My position in this regard is that we need to adequately respond not only to the actions of the Russian side. Every country that launches a mechanism for suspending foreign economic activity in terms of a certain product from Ukraine should feel our counter-reaction. Then they we will listen to us and respect us,” he said.
According to Makarenko, the final decision on a specific reaction to Russia’s actions and the introduction of sanctions against Russian companies on the part of Ukraine is taken by the government.

01.08.2014 16:28

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