Ukrainian Cabinet to oblige regional gas operators to pay for use of gas distribution networks

The Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry has developed an agreement that will regulate the paid use of gas distribution networks and sent it to the regional gas operators, the ministry`s press service told UNIAN, with reference to Profile Deputy Energy Minister Ihor Prokopiv.

”The ministry took the following measures: at first, we held a series of negotiations with representatives of the gas distribution system operators. Secondly, we agreed on the text of the contract, which will regulate the paid use of state property,” Prokopiv said.

According to him, on May 24, copies of these contracts were signed by the ministry and sent out to the gas distribution system operators.

”The Ministry of Energy made a public offer. We expect that the operators will sign the said contracts within the period established by law,” the deputy minister said.

According to Prokopiv, the Energy Ministry will soon complete the annual inventory of the gas distribution system.

”Almost all companies-operators of gas distribution systems have submitted the necessary documents in time to implement this process,” he said.

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